KPOA wants to pay your bills this Summer!

1) Register your name and phone number (1 entry per person per day) then Remember this Phrase:  “KPOA, PLEASE PAY MY BILLS”.

2) Starting on July 17, and running for 30 weekdays (30 Bills will be paid). KPOA Morning Goddess and Island Boy will randomly select a phone number to call.  If your number is called, you must answer the phone with the exact phrase:  “KPOA, PLEASE PAY MY BILLS”, (note phrase must be exact as stated, no exceptions).  You will then be asked to choose an envelope from 1-30. If phone is not answered or phrase is not said word-for-word when answered, contest then moves on to Sista Val’s show, then to HHB show.  If at any point we have a winner during the day, the contest ends for the day, and will begin again the following weekday.  If there is no winner for the day, “Bill Pay for the Day” will carry over to the next play. “Bill Pay for the day” will be added daily, until there is a person who answers their phone “KPOA, PLEASE PAY MY BILLS”. That person will then choose the amount of Bill pay in play from the remaining Bill Pay envelopes (starts with 30 envelopes).  That envelope will reveal the bill KPOA will pay. August 25th, Friday is the 30th week day play.  If Bill Pay envelopes remain, KPOA will continue playing the contest hourly until all Bills are paid. KPOA Morning Show has the discretion to increase the daily play by randomly selecting more phone numbers to call.

The Prize:

(30) KPOA limit amounts are as Follows:

Mortgage/Rent – $1,000.00

Car Lease/Loan – $500.00

Electric/Utilities – $250.00

Groceries – $300.00

Fuel/Gas – $100.00

Phone/Mobile – $100.00

Official Rules & Regulations